Macrophage Activation by Polysaccharides
from Selected Immuno-Preparations
(Expressed as EC50 = ng/ml)
PolysaccharidesNatural sourceNF-κB activation
Immulina Spirulina platensis25
LPS (crude)Escherichia coli 026:B6250
AloerideAloe barbadensis 500
ArabinogalactanEchinacea purpurea1.000
Zymosan ASaccharomyces cerevisiae 5.000
Reishi MaxGanoderma lucidum25.000
Polysaccharide KCoriolous versicolor 200.000
MGN-3 (Arabinoxylan)Rice bran1.000.000
AcemannanAloe barbadensis >1.000.000
β-GlucanSaccharomyces cerevisiae >1.000.000
LentinanShiiTake (Lentinus eodes) inactive
SchizophyllanSchizophyllum commune inactive
Source: Pugh, NDC (2001). Isolation, structure eludication and biological characterization of immunestimulants from dietary supplements and natural products.
EC50 = half maximal effective concentration and refers to the concentration of active preparation which induces a response halfway between the baseline and maximum after a specified exposure time.