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Immulina plus is available in very limited number of internet pharmacies or stores. Here you have addresses of some of them that we have found on internet:

UK → eliveragroup.com
UK → www.amazon.co.uk
USA → www.hawthornhealth.com
UK → www.tesco.com
UK → www.natural-alternative-products.co.uk
UK → www.planta.co.uk

If you would demand Immulina at your local pharmacy there is a chance that this would result in better product availability.

If you would have problem in getting our products (not Immulina only) or if you are looking for additional product information and ongoing trade promotion you may contact us by:

  • sending contact form enclosed hereunder
  • calling us by phone: +48 22 550 60 30 or +48 22 550 60 40
  • by electronic mail → info@phytomedica.pl

Our office working hours are from Monday – Thursday 8:30 – 17:00 and Friday 8:30 – 15:30 and in these weekdays and hours we answer phone calls.

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One can buy Immulina plus from our company. Order may be placed by:  on telephone – calling number:
+ 48 22 550 60 30 or +48 22 550 60 40 or by an electronic mail – sending order to: info@phytomedica.co.uk.

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    If you are living outside EU and would like to buy our product please call phone no.: +48 22 550 60 30 or be so kind and send your inquiry by an electronic mail

    Individual Clients Helpdesk (Private persons interested in buying our products):

    +48 22 550 60 30, e-mail: info@phytomedica.co.uk; tel. GSM: +48 609 801 383

    Business Customer Service (pharmacies, health-food stores, internet stores, sales chains, wholesalers and other legal entities interested in buying our products and cooperation): Andrzej Lasota – + 48 22 550 60 30, e-mail: a.las@phytomedica.co.uk; tel. GSM: +48 601 220 574

If you would like to contact us

Phytomedica Poland Co. Ltd.
31/35 Ogrodowa Street, 00-893 Warsaw, Poland
address for correspondence: ul. Królowej Marysieńki 9 lok. 2, 02-954 Warsaw, Poland

T:   +48 22 550 60 30
T:   +48 22 550 60 40

E:   info@phytomedica.co.uk

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