Healthy Immune System

Normal and healthy immune system safeguards our body. Supporting the immune system involves a health-promoting lifestyle, stress management, regular physical activity, good sleep hygiene, varied and well balanced diet, and the appropriate use of nutritional supplements and herbal medicines. Low immune function refers to an underactive and poor performing immune system.

Find out if your immune system is performing well?

If the answer to one of following questions is "yes" it means that the immune system does not perform well.

  • Do you catch colds easily?
  • Do you get more than two colds a year?
  • Are you suffering chronic infection?
  • Do you get frequent cold sores or have genital herpes?
  • Are your lymph glands sore and swollen at times?
  • Do you have now or have you ever had cancer?

Recurrent or chronic infections - even very mild colds - only occur when the immune system is weakened. Under such circumstances, there is a repetitive cycle that makes it difficult to overcome the tendency toward infection: a weakened immune system leads to infection, infection causes damage to the immune system, which further weakens resistance. Enhancing the immune system can provide the answer to breaking the cycle.


What may cause weakened immunity

Causes of impaired immune function:

The health of the immune system is greatly impacted by a person’s emotional state, level of stress, lifestyle, dietary habits and nutritional status. Nutrient deficiency is the most frequent cause of a depressed immune system. An overwhelming number of clinical and experimental studies indicate that any single nutrient deficiency can profoundly impair the immune system.

Lack of immune stimuli due to excessive hygiene and environmental sterilization could lead to severe depression of the immune system.

Many medicines taken and various substances found in foodstuff and drinking water could lower our immune function substantially. This also includes pesticides, fertilisers, heavy metals, some preservatives, taste and flavour enhancers, and many others.

Some illnesses may cause immune deficiency. This includes first of all HIV infection, to a lesser but substantial degree other bacterial and virus infections e.g. EBV infection (Epstein-Barr virus that causes mononucleosis) , HSV infection (herpes simplex virus that causes cold sore and genital herpes).

A small group (less than 10% of all cases) constitutes primary (inborn) immunodeficiency. These patients require specialized investigation and diagnostic procedures and treatment by clinical immunologist.


Immulina Plus – a smart way to enhance immune defence

Immulina Plus is a further development of Immulina – popular immune supplement. Immulina in oral suspension is available for 7 years and in that time has gained broad recognition as preparation supporting child immunity.

Immulina Plus – an oral suspension for children as well as capsules for youth and adults provides as much as four active ingredients. Two of them: LCEPEEN – a special complex derived from spirulina extract and
β-1,3 D-glucan (derived from baker’s yeast) if taken daily “exercise” our immune system preparing it for an efficient action if necessary.

Immulina provides also C vitamin from Acerola extract, and zinc – both nutrients are essential for the normal function of our body and the immune system in particular.

. . . about immunity


  • Spirulina Extract  – provides LCEPEEN – high-molecular lipopolysaccharide compound
  • Yeast Extract – provides β-1,3 D-glucan - high-molecular polysaccharide compound
  • Acerola Extract – provides highly bioavailable C vitamin in rutin complex
  • Zinc – is essential for the immune system and for child immunity, particularly

Seven good reasons for choosing Immulina plus


Immulina Plus is the first immune-supplement that exactly know what we have in each product dose. Immulina activity is carefully controlled and it is very stable and its bio-activity is guaranteed by the manufacturer. Vast majority of similar products (probiotic foods also) is not standardized. We do not know what is activity of these products nor specificity.

1LPS - E. coli lipopolysaccharides, 2ReishiMax product based on ganoderma lucidum mushroom, 3Cold-fx - product based on American Ginseng (Panax quinquefolium), 4AKG - alkiloglycerols from shark liver oil.


In several studies has been shown that Immulina Plus acts even more effectively because their compounds act in synergy. Synergy is an interaction or cooperation of two or more substances or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.

High-molecular compounds of Immulina Plus do not absorb from GI tract when taken orally. They work through macrophages (and APC – antigen presenting cells) and lymphatic tissue of gut - so called GALT (gut associated lymphoid tissue).

Each manufactured batch of Immulina is tested for its activity by monocyte activation test (in-house test) and for sales are released batches that have at least 1.000 units.


Immulina Plus could be taken safely for longer period of time. Raw materials and the final product is strictly examined for heavy metals, pesticides contamination and microbiological purity. The GMP standards are carefully carried out at all production stages.

The conducted tests of dose–response assessment has shown that the increase of daily dose above 400 mg does not improves effectiveness substantially. On the other hand, the healthy volunteers investigation has shown full safety of using high doses up to 2 - 4 grams per day.

innate immunity

Immulina Plus supports mainly innate (nonspecific) immunity. This is a natural, physiological and safe way to boost immune system.

Good innate immunity is essential to build and maintain healthy adaptive (specific) immunity. This adaptive immunity could be build in active and passive way:

  • Actively – after contact with pathogen due to the illness or vaccination.
  • Passively – by receiving serum or antitoxin.

in few days

Improvement of some immunological parameters has been noticed as quickly as within 3 – 5 days of Immulina Plus administration:

  • Increased activity of NK cells (natural killer)
  • Increased production of IgA antibodies associated mucosal membranes
  • Increased production of INF-γ ( interferon that combats viruses)
  • Increased production of IL-6 (interleukin 6 – substance released by T cells and macrophages) that activates immune defence

Benefits in
many situations

Immulina Plus could provide numerous beneficial effects:

  • Supports immune health
  • In the common cold and flu periods
  • In stubborn and recurrent cold sore
  • In allergy
  • In recurrent UTI
  • Supports joint health
  • Reduces muscle pain after intense physical activity
  • Supports complexion and skin condition in acne
  • Reduces aging signs


The cost of Immulina Plus cure is favourable in comparison to majority of available preparations. One bottle of Immulina Plus costs approx. €6.50 and provides 40 - 2.5 ml doses for small child and 20 - 5 ml doses for an older child.

One box of 30 capsules costs approx. €8.50 and provides 30 daily doses.

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